Traditionally brewed vinegars

The vinegars of Burg Vinaigres are brewed traditionally according to centuries-old recipes. This means a traditional maturation in a modern manufacturing process. The result is a characteristic vinegar with a lovely taste profile.

Our modern manufacturing site has been designed to follow the direction of the process towards the final product, a “sequence of steps” concept. This is an optimum process which starts at the raw materials and ends with the finished product. This process guarantees a uniform quality and a high acidity – more than 23% for our spirit vinegar.

The automated self-management of our fermenters, the filtering system, quality control, the manufacture of our own PET bottles, bottling, packaging, palletization and storage are all handled in-house and make optimal use of the space in the factory. We also manage our own logistics. We are therefore completely autonomous, which allows us to be very flexible.

In order to optimize our production process, from fermentation through the bottling of the vinegar, we have set up a number of control systems to guarantee the desired quality. This assures consumer safety and, of course, the premium quality of our vinegars.

Our own in-house laboratory for quality research and development enables us to be very accurate in developing the desired quality and taste profile.

Our range covers a wide portfolio of products:

  • Spirit vinegar, wine vinegars, flavored wine vinegars, French apple cider vinegar, sherry vinegar and Balsamico di Modena.
  • Conventional, organic and even kosher vinegars.
  • Consumer products for own brand, private label or co-packaging. Pack sizes of 250 ml up to 1.5 liters.
  • Bulk products for restaurant, catering and multinational food manufacturers. Pack sizes of 5 liters up to 25,000 liters.